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Trigger warning

This assignment may expose you to tweets that include explicit sexist, racist, homophobic language which you may find triggering, especially if you have experienced this kind of abuse online or offline in the past. Please consider this before participating.

Expose sexist, racist and other forms of abuse against women on #ToxicTwitter

Twitter prides itself as a place where everyone has “the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers”. In March 2018, it tweeted that it “stands with women to make their voices heard”. And yet, the right for women to freely express themselves is routinely silenced by toxic abuse on the platform. This abuse is compounded for women from minority racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds; not to mention women with disabilities; or lesbian, trans and bisexual women or people who don’t conform to gender norms of male and female. Ultimately, the scale and intensity of the abuse can and does drive women off Twitter - often costing them the networks they’ve painstakingly built on the platform.

Twitter is not doing enough to check this abuse. It won’t tell us how much abuse women report on Twitter, nor will it say how it responds to those reports. If Twitter doesn’t measure this problem, how can it fix it? And how can we help without understanding the true scale of the problem? Well, this is where you come in.

When I did a series of blog posts about police killings of black people I got tweets and comments saying I am an ‘ugly fat black b*tch and that I deserve to die’

- Pamela Merritt, US blogger and reproductive rights activist

Amnesty exposes alarming impact of online abuse against women

New research by Amnesty International has revealed the silencing impact that toxic abuse on Twitter is having on women. Amnesty spoke to women journalists, activists, writers and bloggers who all reported horrific abuse on Twitter and the platform’s failure to contain it.

The result is women censoring what they post, limiting their interactions, or being driven off Twitter completely. At a watershed moment when women around the world are using their collective power to amplify their voices through social media platforms, Twitter’s failure to consistently and transparently enforce its own community standards to tackle violence and abuse means that women are being pushed backwards towards a culture of silence.

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