In just under 2 months, 8,000 digital volunteers from more than 150 countries spent over 100 hours to help us decode and verify 2,443 urgent actions and identify trends emerging from our massive archive of data

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More than 8,000 volunteers from 150 countries have already joined the Amnesty Decoders network. In the network’s first project they helped Amnesty document the outcomes of our “Urgent Action” campaign requests

Since 1973, Amnesty activists have helped us defend hundreds of thousands of people at risk around the world by responding to our ‘Urgent Action’ campaign requests. We set out to engage a global network of digital volunteers to user their computers and phones to read part of our online archive of Urgent Actions, and analyse trends to help us improve our work in the future.

Our Urgent Actions help to protect people from torture, free men and women who are wrongly detained, and ensure prisoners get the medical treatment or legal counsel they need. They even save lives.

The Decode Urgent Actions project helped us get a clear idea of where violations have happened and where our campaigning has been most effective.


Decode Urgent Actions was the first project for the Amnesty Decoders - a global network of digital volunteers for human rights research. Already there are more than 30,000 volunteers from more than 150 countries.

This project was developed in collaboration with Open Data Kosovo, Focal Labs and The Engine Room, with financial support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery. Powered by PyBossa, an open source crowdsourcing framework to analyse data that can't be processed by machines alone.